The following 3-year strategy was agreed at the Annual Meeting in March 2016; therefore, the objective is to achieve these goals by March 2019.


Goal 1. Stabilise OpenWIS software to a supportable version with good test coverage

  • Metric 1.1: good test coverage (ACTION for TC to define)
  • Metric 1.2: patchable (ACTION for TC to define)
  • Metric 1.3: OpenWIS 4.2 released by end of March 2017; ready for operational deployment.



Goal 2. Delivery of OpenWIS software that meets needs of operational WIS Centres

  • Metric 2.1: at least two Member or Partner organisations have deployed OpenWIS 4 and accepted it for operational use by Q4 2017… quality assessment.
  • Metric 2.2: all Member and Partner organisations have deployed OpenWIS 4 by Q4 2018 … adoption level



Goal 3. Make OpenWIS software easily customisable for deployment at WIS centres

  • Metric 3.1: to be able to integrate with a new data-source or dissemination component (that is exposed via a REST web service API) without needing to modify source-code; configuration changes only.
  • Metric 3.2: basic customisation (e.g. colour, theme etc.) of web-based UI requires CSS change only … note dependency on GeoNetwork.



Goal 4. OpenWIS software is being used to reach new communities

  • Metric 4.1: OpenWIS software is used by operational centres to meet ‘wider’ data portal requirements; and these portals are being actively used
  • Metric 4.2: (Meta)data exposed by operational centres running OpenWIS software is discoverable via search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.)
  • Metric 4.3: OpenWIS software is being used to make data exposed by web-based services discoverable
    • Question: Do we know how people want to use WIS to discover content and services?



Goal 5. Usability of the OpenWIS software is improved

  • Metric 5.1: ‘normal’ users (not WMO data managers) can easily find data and the related services
  • Metric 5.2: setting up a subscription doesn’t require reading guidance documentation (!)



Goal 6. OpenWIS software helps metadata authors produce ‘better’ metadata

  • Metric 6.1: metadata editor provides Templates corresponding to Guidance topics from IPET-MDRD



Goal 7. Search algorithms in OpenWIS software favourably rank ‘quality’ metadata

  • Metric 7.1: [to be decided].



Goal 8. Readiness of the OpenWIS software project for engagement with open source community

  • Metric 8.1: OpenWIS Development Process published; transparent project governance in place
  • Metric 8.2: GitHub repositories public
  • Metric 8.3: project website published
  • Metric 8.4: documentation for on-boarding new developers available



Goal 9. Demonstrate that the OpenWIS Association provides a reusable collaborative framework

  • Metric 9.1: another project is started without adverse impact on OpenWIS ‘Core’ project
  • Metric 9.2: Average increase in KANBAN work package velocity over time (Small, Medium, Large)